Puffin Nest Capsule Hostel  "feel at home when you're away"


This family owend Capsule hostel is located just 250 meters from the harbor and where the ferry gets in. If you are here to see the beautiful volcanos and the famous Puffins we will tell you where to go, and it is very close to our hotel.

Each capsule has a sleeping space for one person. Inside the capsule there is a television, safe box, smoke detector, firefighter,headphones, air conditioner, Wifi and more. You can lock yourself inside the capsule and you can lock it from the outside and use a key card to open it and turn it on. If you are wondering what happens if the electricity goes off, not to worry, you can always get out. This is a large area with 40 capsules and guests have access to toilets, showers, kitchen and more.
Sleeping Capsules
Each capsule has room for one person.
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